All photos and videos by Isaac Ibarra

Through my travels I hope to inspire others to explore. My passion has led me to tell other people's stories as well as my own. Here is what I've seen...




I deployed to Nepal after an earthquake struck April 25, 2015. Routine supply runs quickly became medical evacuations after another devastating earthquake bringing the death toll to more than 8,400 people and injuring 16,800 more.  



In Thailand I learned how to survive. Drinking snake blood, Marines eating scorpions and scavenging for food in the wild was a daily routine. See more.



In Hawaii I attached to an infantry battalion during the largest multi-national maritime exercise in the world. Twenty-two countries came together to train on land, water and in the air. See more.



This was home for three years. In this gallery you'll find the beauty of Okinawa along with some military training I've been a part of while being stationed there. take a look.